Theory: La Pasiega Cave and the Milky Way

Spanish Cave Art

[Credit: ESO/Y. Beletsky. Photo Source. (CC By 4.0). Photo cropped by Lynn.]**

(Added Milky Way photo. Line points to Galactic Center.)

July 2, 2016/Lynn T.

Here’s my theory: In Spain’s La Pasiega Cave there is a painting of a horse and a bison facing each other. There are images in the Milky Way that look like the figures in the cave painting. I think the cave figures may be the Milky Way images.

Left: Sketch La Pasiega Cave Figures. Right: Sketch Milky Way Images.


Cave Figures/Horse and Bison

The horse and bison figures are in the Cave of La Pasiega in northern Spain (Puente Viesgo/Cantabria). The figures are painted in red and may be from about 14,000 BCE.

Milky Way Images

Where to look: The Pipe Nebula is one of the horse’s legs (see sketch).

Additional Information

1) La Pasiega is in a group of caves that includes El Castillo, Las Monedas, and Las Chimeneas.

2) There are many different markings in the Cave of La Pasiega.

3) In Spanish: Cueva de La Pasiega.

Additional Thoughts

1) There is a marking above the bison cave figure. It is also in red. Perhaps this marking represents a Milky Way image in this area.

Sketch La Pasiega Cave Marking

(Added sketch of cave marking.)  (One of the Milky Way images in the area of the marking looks like a bison-man. Part of the bison-man Milky Way image can be seen in the top right corner of the photo above.)

2) (The horse/bison Milky Way images may explain other horse/bison cave figures.)


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