Theories: Cave Art/Rock Art and the Milky Way


(Added Milky Way photos.)

My cave art/rock art and the Milky Way theories are (click links below):

France’s Les Trois Freres Cave Sorcerer, Reindeer/Bison/Markings, and Bison-Man; Spain’s La Pasiega Cave; and Africa’s Game Pass Shelter and Willcox Shelter.


Cave Art Theories / Rock Art Theories
Below: This Milky Way Map shows the approximate locations of Theta Scorpii (Sargas), Star Cluster NGC 6231, Prawn Nebula IC 4628, M6 Butterfly Cluster, Pipe Nebula, M8 Lagoon Nebula, M24 Small Sagittarius Star Cloud, and the Scutum Star Cloud.
Milky Way Map

Milky Way Map

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